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NOTE: This page consists 60MB worth of GIFs. It will take a while to finish loading. We opted to maximise the quality settings of the GIFs which result in the bigger file size of each GIFs.


We employed a similar technique (of creating a cinemagraphs) to produce the resulting GIFs. However, instead of freezing the background and animating the subject, we did the opposite by freezing the subject and animating the background so as to showcase the brilliant fireworks. We recorded the footage during the wedding day (or night) of Adrian and Kathleen and decided to try making a cinemagraph as we noticed more and more works of cinemagraphs popping up. Hope you guys enjoy the below GIFs. We did not do any post processing as the fireworks looked gorgeous enough. Do check out the gallery of Adrian and Kathleen here to view the fireworks images (higher quality than the GIFs!).

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