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//Celebrating Adrian & Kathleen//

Actual Day Wedding, Wedding Lunch

Wedding Venue: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Wedding Photographer: AlphaSnow Photography

Capturing Adrian & Kathleen's moments at their wedding is an amazing experience. Their interactions with each other are spontaneous and they probably have broken the world record for the number of kisses in a wedding! The most memorable capture is definitely the candid shot where Adrian & Kathleen were kissing at the end of their tea ceremony after solemnisation. I had to leap into the intended position within a fraction of a second to take the shot. Fullerton Hotel is truly a great location and everywhere seems to be an excellent photoshoot opportunity. Lastly, we have the spectacular fireworks display to make an awesome wedding day even more awesome.

Fireworks have always been the highlight of Singapore's National Day Parade. This year's (2015) fireworks are even more significant as we celebrate our 50 years of independence. Nothing can describe the feeling of being able to photograph Adrian & Kathleen on their wedding day with the breathtaking fireworks. It is definitely one of the most memorable shoots we had.Thank you Adrian and Kathleen! It has been an honor to be your wedding photographer. Appreciate your trust in us!

Adrian & Kathleen-026
Adrian & Kathleen-068
Adrian & Kathleen-108
Adrian & Kathleen-110
Adrian & Kathleen-117
Adrian & Kathleen-295
Adrian & Kathleen-542
Adrian & Kathleen-595
Adrian & Kathleen-610
Adrian & Kathleen-632
Adrian & Kathleen-653
Adrian & Kathleen-827
Adrian & Kathleen-915
Adrian & Kathleen-1055
Adrian & Kathleen-1056
Adrian & Kathleen-1080
Adrian & Kathleen-1092
Adrian & Kathleen-1138
Adrian & Kathleen-1140
Adrian & Kathleen-1141
Adrian & Kathleen-1146
Adrian & Kathleen-1144
Adrian & Kathleen-1143
Adrian & Kathleen-1145
Adrian & Kathleen-1147
Adrian & Kathleen-1149
Adrian & Kathleen-1148
Adrian & Kathleen-1150
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