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//Keng Huang & Elynn//

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Bridal Photoshoot, Casual Photoshoot

Photoshoot Location: Japan, Hokkaido

Photographer: AlphaSnow Photography

**We are really honored to have taken pre-wedding shoot for our couples at various countries/cities ranging from Melbourne, New Zealand South Island, Bali, Seoul, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Munich, Hallstatt, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, London & Paris. We have also visited other countries for leisure trips: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Maldives, Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Norway, Iceland, Santorini, Venice, Zermatt, Interlaken, Florence & Rome. Please do not hesitate to enquire with us if you are interested in such an overseas shoot! Our standard package will include 2 days of photography, unlimited hours, return of all images and planning of the shoot locations!** 

Our first official winter couple: Keng Huang & Elynn! We arrived early at Hokkaido to do some recce and was quite worried that Elynn might not be able to endure long in the cold. Thankfully both of them managed to endure it to let us get some nice images. Thank you thank you!

Keng Huang & Elynn-0011
Keng Huang & Elynn-0016
Keng Huang & Elynn-0015
Keng Huang & Elynn-0014
Keng Huang & Elynn-0013
Keng Huang & Elynn-0010
Keng Huang & Elynn-0012
Keng Huang & Elynn-0017
Keng Huang & Elynn-0009
Keng Huang & Elynn-0008
Keng Huang & Elynn-0007
Keng Huang & Elynn-0006
Keng Huang & Elynn-0005
Keng Huang & Elynn-0001
Keng Huang & Elynn-0004
Keng Huang & Elynn-0003
Keng Huang & Elynn-0002
Keng Huang & Elynn-0018
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